Here are some of the photos of the items I have. I went through the "Pyrex Sweep" phase where I bought everything that was labeled Pyrex...whether I had space for it or not! So I'm looking to sell or trade these items. 

I am looking for Snowflake Garland, Desert Dawn, Orange, Pink Gooseberry 441 and 503, or Turquoise items. Let me know if you're interested in any of these items for a swap...please e-mail me!

If you prefer to buy something, all prices are NEGOTIABLE! And I'll be willing to trade multiple pieces for something I want.

All items are in very good to excellent condition. Maybe a few scratches here and there but no DWD or color loss. Chips are only on one of the lids.

Swap/Trade Pile

Town and Country
T&C (orange and brown) 45 with lid $16 (chips underneath lid)
T&C (brown )473 no lid $10
T&C (brown)475 no lid $13
T&C Carafe$18
T&C (orange) 443 $10

Spring Blossom
Spring Blossom 473 no lid $10
Spring Blossom 444 $15
Spring Blossom 403 $13
Spring Blossom Mug $3

Butterfly Gold
Butterfly Gold Gravy Boat no dish$6
Butterfly Gold 443 $10 - Betsy
Butterfly Gold Butter Dish $10

Odds and Ends Patterns

Verde Square Flowers 473 no lid $10 - Betsy
Shenandoah 442 $10
Yellow 441 $8
Forest Fancies 443 $10
Opal Divided Dish Divided $15
Homestead 475 no lid $13
White 43 no lid $10
Early American Divided Casserole Divided No Lid $10
Early American Cinderella Set $50
Blue Snowflake Divided Casserole Divided with lid $23
Barbed Wire Divided Casserole Divided with lid $23
Pink Flamingo Pie Plate $14
Pink Flamingo Cake Pan $14
Cream with Brown Stripes Promo Piece 404 $20
Orange Autumn Harvest 441 $8
Golden Grapes 444 (a bit scratched up) $10 (not pictured)
Yellow Gooseberry 444 $15 (not pictured)
Pyrex Verde Olive Green 043 Lid and Green bottom $15 (not pictured)
Pyrex Verde Olive Green 045 Lid Only $8

Non-Dishes (Cups, Canisters etc.)
Avocado Green Pyrex Canister Set $28
Old Town Blue Sugar and Creamer Set $15
Woodlands 473 no lid $8
Woodlands Mug $3
4 Pyrex Butterfly Gold Mugs $10
3 Pyrex Spring Blossom Mugs $8

Things I Used to Have and Where They Went (in case those people will trade with you):

Black Snowflake Divided Casserole Divided with lid $23 - swapped with Manda
Green Primary 403 $12 - Swapped with Toni
Sandalwood 442 $15 - Swapped with Denise